A Go-Bag is a backpack containing all the gear you’ll need to run a successful operation.

As a bodyguard, you need a “Go-Bag” ready at all times. You never know when you might be called on a mission.

The 10 must-have items are:

1. Backpack – avoid military-style camouflage ones, since these look out of place in the normal situations. Go for a black or plain colour pack with lots of pockets for storage.

2. First Aid Kit – the most important piece of kit. A bodyguard will use their medical skills far more than their fighting skills and a good med kit could save a person’s life.

3. Torch – this needs to be small, solid, rechargeable and powerful. Get one with a button switch – it’s tricky to twist your light on in the heat of a fight or when the adrenalin is flowing.

4. Camera – make sure it has a video function. Useful to record faces in a crowd to identify a suspected threat, survey a location in advance, or document the scene of an incident.

5. Comms Unit – the earpiece and radio unit will be your primary means of communication with the rest of the protection team. Get a small, discrete wireless unit with a long battery life.

6. Smart Phone – Install essential apps like maps, weather, traffic and news so you know what’s happening around you at all times. Plus it’s a second means of communication if comms breaks down or you’re in a dead spot.

7. Spare pen – have a pen if protecting someone famous in case they need to sign autographs. You don’t want to the risk of an attack while a fan searches for a pen

8. Defence weapon – needs to be small, concealable and non-lethal, such as the Dazzler, a laser that temporarily blinds an attacker, allowing you to escape with your VIP

9. Sunglasses – the classic piece of bodyguard kit! Keeps the sun out of your eyes, but more importantly prevents people knowing where you’re looking!

10. Bulletproof leather jacket – the coolest piece of Bodyguard gear. Made out of liquid body armour, it’s soft, flexible and fashionable – it will even stop a bullet fired at point-blank range. You’d be dead without it!

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