Rings of Defence

In the majority of assignments, you’ll work as part of a larger adult close-protection team who form a series of concentric defensive rings around the Principal (the person you are protecting):


The outermost circle is The Residential Security Team – they manage the physical security of anywhere your Principal’s family might stay – for example, a house, a hotel or a yacht. They’ll perform searches, monitor CCTV and check every visitor in and out. In theory, this should be the safest place for you and your Principal. On the other hand, being a fixed and known location, a residence is the most obvious target for an attack.


The Security Advance Party provides the next layer of protection. They travel ahead of the family, checking that routes and venues are safe. This may happen months in advance, say for a holiday – or minutes, in the case of an impromptu visit to a restaurant. Many potential attacks have been foiled by an observant SAP team. So good communication with them is essential – you don’t want any surprises when you’re out and about.


The Personal Escort Section provides a crucial layer of defence when the family is on the move. Depending upon the situation, their function may be to provide additional protection or to eliminate a threat and give you time to escape with your Principal.’

Each of these groups forms a cordon of defence round the Principal and their family.


As the bodyguard, you are the final ring of defence. It’s your ultimate responsibility to shield your Principal from danger. Whatever that may be!

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